Current owner and master-printer, Sergei Lazutin (from Moscow, Russia), is a veteran in the fine art printing industry with over twenty-six years of fine-art printing experience. Sergei and Herta Headrick founded Kolibri in 1990; Herta is an artist and woman extraordinaire (from Weissbaden, Germany), who retired in 2007.

Herta and Sergei are considered two of the world's most accomplished serigraphers and chromists, and have collaborated and worked closely with many of the world's most prominent artists. They are well known in the United States, Europe and Asia. Artists and publishers travel from many countries to California specifically to have their work printed at Kolibri Art Studio.

In the 1990's Kolibri quickly became a leader in the world of high-quality fine art reproduction and have won over hundreds of international fine art printing awards. In addition to our expertise in specialized printing and finishing techniques, our projects are highly regarded for their level of innovation, artistry, and complexity.

In 1994, Kolibri started the giclee department with Iris printers (later everything converted to industry standard Epson printers). At that time, we joined Nash Editions as pioneers in digital fine art reproduction. Given the company's history and accomplishments in serigraph printing, this was a natural transition.

Almost instantly our giclee prints recieved many international awards for their print quality. Artists and publishers worldwide recognize the integrity and beauty of our prints.

Master-Printer and Owner

Sergei's passion for fine-art printing is endless. With perseverance and long hours of work for over twenty five years, Sergei has made his mark in the art world by printing the works of legendary artists and publishers. He supervises and inspects each job and always peers under a looking glass for perfection. By doing this he has built a strong reputation and is internationally known as a leader in fine art serigraphy and giclée printing.

General Manager

Bernard is continually upbeat. With a smiling face, he brings 35 years of art printing, customer support and management experience to Kolibri. He is the first voice prospective costumers hear as he is responsible for ensuring that customers have all of the information they need to be successful at Kolibri. He oversees the entire process of creating museum quality reproductions from initial contact to the final delivery.

Giclees and Pre-Press Manager

Rudy brings many years of experience in the evaluation of color to Kolibri Art Studio. Rudy specializes in photographic and Fine Art Giclee printing, digital imaging, pre-press and high resolution digital capture. He has excellent knowledge and experience of artwork reproduction, color correction & conversion skills with RGB and CMYK images for photographic/prepress output as well as knowledge of all Digital file formats including RAW image processing. Rudy holds certifications as an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop, Apple Certified Pro for Color Management and is a Certified Photographic Consultant.