Kolibri Art Studio offers high quality stretching on premium wood stretcher bars.

We use a unique staple-less wrap-around stretching method for a clean, more appealing finished look and feel. This staple-less method which uses a rubber spline pressed into a groove running through the back of the stretcher bar frame. The canvas is folded at the corners and is splined, resulting in a tight, even stretch.

The canvas can also be disassembled and re-stretched in the future with little trouble.

The most common stretching sizes:

• Standard 3/4 inch (for frames)
• Gallery Wrap 1 1/2 inch (ready for presentation without a frame)
• Wall 2 1/2 inch (for murals)

Our additional services for stretched pieces:

• Corner protectors
• Heavy weight clear poly protecting bags
• Sawtooth hanger attached to stretched image
• Wire hanging set attached to stretched image
• Acid free paper backing applied to stretched image


We offer art canvas or paper dry mounting on 1/8" thick black Sintra (plastic) art boards.

The main benefits of mounting:

• Easier to handle and display
• Preserving the printed art piece from possible wrinkling or tearing
• Difficult for the mounted print to get scratched or dented. Dry mounting an art print is a technique of attaching it to mounting surfaces by heating Shellac tissue between the mount and the print in contrast to a spray (or wet) adhesive.

We use Sintra PVC board because it is lightweight and has a uniform, fine, closed-cell structure that provides a low gloss satin finished surface. They are highly rigid and impact resistant. Durable for interior applications with a very high aversion to corrosion & water absorption. They are self-extinguishing and flame resistant.

Please note you have to consider what you are mounting and its size.

Mounting, in general, is useful for up to medium or large sizes (like 30" x 40") only.

Please contact us for pricing.


We offer Readyframe™ (floater frame) is a versatile product that we developed for artists who want an easy solution to frame their art.

Once your printed art is mounted or stretched at our studio, drop it into Readyframe™ and secure the back with the supplied L-brackets and screws. Now your art is ready to hang! Your art will appear to "float" within the frame.

Readyframe™ comes in uncoated natural wood or black. The natural wood can be stained or painted to your taste.