Embellishment of Giclee
Sometimes, in order to add surface interest to a giclee print, a clear GESSO acrylic is applied by hand, following the original brush strokes of the painting. The strokes add a textural finish that compliments the crispness of the digital prints. This is done on both canvas and paper editions. This handmade process, greatly increase the value of the print edition.

The most common services are: Surface cleaning, Removal of old lining, Removal of discolored varnish and application of new varnish layer, Flattening canvas distortions, Consolidation and stabilization of loose or flaking paint, Compensation of losses in the paint layer and in-painting of missing pigment (retouching), Lining a painting to a new canvas support, Attaching protective backing board. Contact us for estimate and time-frame upon request.

Artist Signing
We do not charge artists that wish to use our studio to sign their fine art serigraph/giclee prints. Help from one of our assistants is provided for a quicker signing. Signings are made by appointment only. We ask that artists contact our office after the fine art edition is finished to schedule an appointment.

Edition Numbering
Have your fine art prints numbered and ready to sign. Numbering is a must when you’ve'produced a fine art limited edition. It goes hand in hand with the Certificates of Authenticity (COA), validating the fine art print/giclee print to be an original.

Our curator will hand number with pencil for art-paper editions, and your choice of metallic color or other permanent marker for serigraph or on giclee editions. Contact us for pricing of this service.

We use FedEx, UPS or other common carrier's published rate, we don't surcharge! All freight, tracking number and other information provided to you upon shipping and can be reflected on your invoice.