A good digital scan is the first step to a good print!

Art Scans has specialized in accurate color capture for reproduction since 1992 while Kolibri Art Studio and Art Scans Studio have been partners for 20 years. All scans are carefully calibrated and specially prepared for our serigraph and giclée processes.

For the highest possible color reproduction accuracy, we all work closely together and take into account the inks, paper and coatings you will be using. The resulting time spent proofing is reduced, saving time and money.

Art Scans own and operate a large (44" x 50") flatbed scanner that is the only one of its kind in the world. Both the scanner and its software were designed by Art Scans and are continually updated to meet the needs of the fine art community.

Advantages of Direct Scan
With our process, your prints are only one generation away from the original. In contrast, a transparency process creates a print that is two generations away from the original, because after a transparency is made it must be scanned digitally before it can be printed. Fewer generations mean more accurate color and shadow detail reproduction.

Oversize Scans
We can accommodate 44" x 50" pieces of art on the scanning bed, with even larger sizes possible by scanning in sections and invisibly seaming them together.

Texture Reproduction
This special scanner can accommodate pieces with raised portions such as collages or artwork with thick brush strokes.

Your Art
Whether shipped to us or dropped off in person, your artwork will always be handled with respect and the utmost care. From the moment it arrives at Kolibri Art Strudio or Art Scans Studio we work to minimize handling, any friction with its surfaces and excessive exposure to light. It is more accurate to scan artwork unframed. If your piece is framed, it can still be scanned, but the scanned image may look darker if there is glass in front of the art. We will assess the need to unframe, and do so only with your permission.

File Archiving
Archival copies of your scans are securely stored for your future needs and are used only with your permission. We keep a second copy off-site for security against natural disasters. Direct digital scans are also an excellent method for archiving artwork for future use. If you are about to sell a piece you may want to scan it first to obtain a high fidelity digital master for creating subsequent reproductions. We both keep your scans on file for your future use.


When required, Kolibri Art Studio can arrange for a museum photographer (Gerald Vuilleumer Photography), who can go to location and using a high-end digital camera back (Phase One), a medium format Hasselblad body and fixed lenses to ensure the highest image quality and accuracy.

Gerald will travel to your location with his own lighting system and creates images for us optimized for printing at the highest level.


Transparency scans are done on a color corrected Crosfield Drum Scanner.

• For optimum quality, we suggest the use of 8" X 10" transparencies. We also scan 4" X 5" transparencies, negatives and slides.

• For best result and color accuracy, make sure your transparency matches the original artwork as much as possible. This will ensure your satisfaction and will minimize the time spent on the proofing process.

• Cleaning and removal of scratches will at nominal cost in addition to the scan price if necessary.

For more information or pricing contact us direct at Kolibri Art Studio.